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Electric switchboard equipment


Ideal for electrical three-phase AC 50Hz, with voltage 220 or 380 V.

Electric switchboard equipment

the schema of the input of electrical networks from a common pipeline on the consumer object implies the obligatory presence of distribution equipment. It can be stand-alone substation or common household flap. This complex linked system like a shield lying 8503 (main switchboard), according to the website http://www.optcable.ru/schitovoe-oborudovanie/vru1/ designed for:

  1. the
  2. Reception of a Central power cable of the electricity supplier. the
  3. Distribution power lines for the object. the
  4. Accounting of volumes of incoming electrical energy. the
  5. Protect the supply line from overloading and short circuits. the
  6. Short-term disconnection of incoming energy when performing scheduled or emergency maintenance of the network on the object. the
  7. emergency shutdown in case of emergency (including fire).

Ideal for electrical three-phase AC 50Hz, with voltage 220 or 380 V. Has a long service life, with mandatory performance verification of dielectric security according to the set parameters of the manufacturer.

Equipment lying 8503

Device is manufactured by the manufacturer according to the criteria established by applicable state standards. Its protective casing is a welded metal structure, which:


  • the
  • Consists of a separate, secured between panels. the
  • Has the unilateral principle of access.

internal structure implies the presence of the introductory panels for receiving a power cable, the equipment for the trip (including automatic) of electric power, its control and panel to distribute auxiliary circuits. For electric meter and current transformers (all of them in the configuration has six) has a separate isolated from each other compartments with fastening elements of the devices and equipment.

to Get more information about electric shield lying 8503 and its modifications is possible via the website of the company, carrying out direct deliveries directly from the producers. All presented in the catalog of devices and components meet the stated technical parameters and passed to the legislation the certification.

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