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Selection of electronic scales


Platform scales are designed for weighing loads of various sizes. They can be powered by a built-in battery or 220 V.

Selection of electronic scales

Weighing equipment forms the basis of equipping almost all trade and industrial enterprises. It is difficult to imagine the work of a modern shopping center or warehouse without high-quality electronic scales. With their help, you can carry out the necessary processes of weighing products, check balances, keep records and receipt of goods. It is especially convenient to do this on electronic scales . If you need to purchase high-quality weighing equipment, you can contact the specialists of the company "Libra of Ukraine".

Range of Scale Models

The company's product catalog is presented on the site. Here everyone can find weighing equipment for specific goals and objectives. So, studying the catalog offers, you can pay attention to the following solutions:

  • Trade scales of different models.
  • Filling scales.
  • Product scales.
  • Crane scales.
  • Platform scales.
  • Rockla.
  • Pallet scales.

What weighing equipment can you buy?

Each type of weighing equipment has certain parameters. So, you can choose trade or commodity scales depending on such basic parameters as maximum weight, discreteness, platform size. Also, the key factor in the selection is the price range.

Platform scales are designed for weighing loads of various sizes. They can operate from a built-in battery or from a 220 V network. Scale models are equipped with a bright LED display. The platform is powder coated.

Ordering electronic scales

Any model of scales can be purchased on the company's website. For advice on the choice, you can contact the manager of the company. He will tell you how this or that device is suitable for solving a specific goal and task.

The main operational features of the scales are long service life, reliability, trouble-free operation, functionality. At the same time, each model weighs goods with maximum accuracy. To order suitable models, you can study the catalog, clarify the parameters and price range. You can receive your order with delivery to different Ukrainian cities.

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