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National dishes of Kazan

National dishes of Kazan

Cafes with traditional cuisine are popular not only among tourists. Coming to Kazan, many people prefer to find restaurants with national dishes to get a taste of the flavor of the country. But what to choose from an extensive menu, if this is the first acquaintance.

What to look for

It is worth remembering that Tatar cuisine mainly consists of very hearty dishes. Large portions allow you to replenish your energy supply, which will last almost until the end of daylight hours. The most popular and recommended in restaurants are:

  1. Tokmach - soup with noodles will ideally warm the body from the inside in the cold season.
  2. Echpochmak is a traditional baked triangular pie with various fillings.
  3. Beshbarmak - you need to eat in the traditional way, with your hands.
  4. Chak-chak is a sweet and crunchy dessert that should definitely be on the table.
  5. Kystyby is a traditional flatbread with fillings for a light snack.

Important: when ordering dishes in a national restaurant for the first time, it is better to make one order for two. An unprepared organism cannot physically eat as much as a trained local resident.

Why choose a restaurant

In the dining room you can always comfortably accommodate yourself, or come with friends. The cozy atmosphere does not force you to eat and empty the table as soon as possible. You can enjoy the dishes under pleasant conversations on your favorite topics.

Important: many national Tatar dishes are high in calories and contain animal and vegetable fat. This feature must be taken into account if visitors have digestive problems.

The restaurant prepares only the freshest dishes, from high quality products. The order left by visitors is transferred to the kitchen, where experienced chefs know exactly how to cook delicious national dishes from food, more details at https://tubatay.com/.

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