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Wheels for medical equipment and wheelchairs


Wheels are installed on medical equipment, which provide a low noise level, smooth running and are easy to handle with special means

Wheels for medical equipment and wheelchairs

Moving patients, mobile or auxiliary equipment in medical institutions involves the use of special means equipped with transport wheels. Such wheels for a wheelchair , table, bed or trolley must match certain parameters:

  • Have low noise in use.
  • Differ in increased resistance to stress.
  • Made of materials that are not susceptible to corrosion and sanitization.

The most common types of such wheels are the so-called platform designs. The rotating wheel is mounted on an axle, it is fixed in a bracket, which is a platform for mounting on a chair or trolley. This provides increased reliability and stability during operation.

Crafting Materials

Due to the high loads that the brackets of medical wheelchairs and trolleys take, they are made of extra strong steel grades. To exclude corrosion, stainless or galvanized types are used. The wheel itself is made using thermoplastic rubber and has an additional polypropylene rim, which provides a low noise level during its rotation and a smooth ride. By design, the device is distinguished:

  • Wheels with the ability to turn - for this purpose, a rolling bearing is installed on the vertical axis of the bracket.
  • Wheels with foot brake - a special pedal allows you to brake a chair or a wheelchair while moving, as well as fix it for stable parking.

As a rule, the wheels and brackets themselves are assembled, these are the parts that wear out the fastest or fail as a result of intensive use of the equipment. Fortunately, repairs can be carried out on your own by replacing products that have exhausted their resource with new analogues.

You can choose and purchase medical wheels using the online catalog of the "kolesa kzn" company, which supplies them directly from manufacturers. All the presented product names fully meet the declared dimensional and technical parameters, are available and are sold online with the possibility of ordering delivery to the address required by the client.

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