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Instant caries treatment at Doctorzhak clinic

Instant caries treatment at Doctorzhak clinic

Dental problems can occur in people at different ages. This is a problem that affects many, regardless of social status and gender. Caries treatment on Seligerskaya from dental Center Doctorzhak is an opportunity to receive high-quality oral cavity treatment at an affordable price segment. You can get acquainted with the services of the center on the website in more detail.

Caries treatment at the dental center

With caries, the hard tissues of the tooth are destroyed, it changes color, and dark spots appear. Such changes are associated with the participation of cariogenic microorganisms. The development of tooth decay can be associated with irregular brushing, oral diseases and plaque buildup. Caries can have several stages of development - from initial to deep, in which it is already very difficult to restore a tooth. Therefore, you should not postpone the visit to the dentist. As soon as you notice darkening on your teeth, you should immediately contact the dentist.

Experienced dentists of the center on Seligorskaya will help to restore teeth to their previous state. They will not only determine at what stage the tooth is, but will also be able to choose the optimal method of treatment.

What treatments are available for dental caries?

If you notice the first signs of the disease at an early stage, a trip to the dental clinic is the only right decision. With its help, you can eliminate the signs of caries and save the tooth. Among the first symptoms of the manifestation of caries can be noted the appearance of stains on the enamel, bad breath, toothache. If nothing is done, caries can progress from the initial stage to a deep one. It will spread to the adjacent teeth, and the focus of the disease will be enlarged. Due to diseases of the oral cavity, unpleasant diseases such as pulpitis, periodontitis, cysts and others can occur. The specialists of the medical center deal with the treatment of teeth with caries, both initial and deep stages.

The following caries treatments can be noted:

  • Infiltration.
  • Ozone therapy.
  • Laser.

Caries is also treated using a boron machine, time-tested dental equipment.

At the initial stage, it is advisable to carry out remineralization, fluoridation, infiltration. Deep stages are treated with a drill, a laser beam. Each method depends on the degree of neglect of the tooth, the characteristics of the patient's body. For more information, please visit the website.

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