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Scope of Application of Aluminum Sheet

Scope of Application of Aluminum Sheet

The modern assortment of metal profiles is wide enough to choose the optimal material as a raw material or a finished product. But, especially popular in the construction and installation field is Aluminum sheet . Lightweight and durable, it perfectly resists negative factors of use. Suitable for both industrial and household use.

Features and benefits of aluminum

Non-ferrous metal is absolutely not afraid of contact with atmospheric air. Excellent resistance to corrosive processes. Made from pure metal or alloy, it can have dozens of specifications. But, despite the variety of aluminum sheets on the free market, they all have common technical data:

  1. Light weight with high strength.
  2. Perfectly conducts heat and electric current.
  3. Easy to handle with simple tools.
  4. Especially long service life.
  5. Does not need an additional protective layer.
  6. By themselves, they are quite attractive from an aesthetic point of view.

Since non-ferrous metal is not magnetized, the scope of its use increases several times. A quality profile has strictly defined dimensions, thickness and stable physical characteristics. With a change in temperature and humidity, the strength of the material does not change at all.

Main directions of application

Rolled metal products for special purposes are quite versatile. It can really be used in a wide variety of areas. The main one, as well as many years ago, remains construction and engineering. But, relatively inexpensive and resistant material can be used in other directions:

  • in the manufacture of individual machine parts;
  • parts for household appliances;
  • food industry;
  • pharmacology and medicine;
  • containers for storing various liquids;
  • create decorative panels.

Aluminum sheet is very easy to polish. It is enough to bring it to a mirror state once, so that it remains so for a long time. Since the material perfectly conducts heat, heating radiators and special devices are made from the sheet that dissipate excess heat into the atmosphere. In many cases, if the sheet has not received any damage during operation, it can be reused. Or recycle.

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