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Rolled metal supplies


In addition to high-quality supplies, the company's specialists perform a wide range of metal processing. Cutting to size, metal cutting, bending according to drawings can be noted.

Rolled metal supplies

Today, a large assortment of stainless and non-ferrous metal products is used in the construction industry. Stainless steel is in great demand. If you need to order stainless steel sheet , you can refer to specialists of the company "Metalinox NS". She specializes in the sale of rolled metal products with delivery. Let's take a closer look at the specifics of cooperation.

Features of stainless steel sheet operation

Stainless steel sheet is made of high-alloy steel. Among its features are corrosion resistance, resistance to aggressive environments, high temperatures. After production, the sheet is cut to size. Among the significant advantages of stainless steel sheet are wear resistance, simplicity and ease of processing, versatility, aesthetic properties.

The main parameters characterizing the choice of a stainless steel sheet are the brand, size, type of coating. Based on the criteria, you can choose a stainless steel sheet that fits best. The cost of a sheet depends on many factors - steel grade, sheet size, thickness, manufacturing method, etc.

Rolled metal products from the Metalinox NS company

On the company's website, you can find out about the significant advantages of cooperation with the company. Among them are:

  • Daily shipment by own road transport in the central regions of Russia, including Moscow and the Nizhny Novgorod region.
  • Ability to receive discounts when placing bulk orders.
  • Metal cutting.
  • Possibility of receiving a deferred payment.
  • Carrying out promotions for all types of non-ferrous and stainless steel.
  • Affordable price range for all products.

To familiarize yourself with the stainless steel catalog, you can go to the site. Here you can buy stainless steel products of the following assortment - sheet, roll, square, pipe. If you are interested in rolled aluminum, you can order a strip, circle, sheet, pipe. Titanium, brass and duralumin rolled products are also available for order.

Ordering Metalinox NS services

In addition to high-quality supplies, Metalinox NS perform a wide range of metal rolling processing. It is possible to note cutting to size, metal cutting, bending according to drawings.

Each client can get technical advice quickly and free of charge. To do this, you can use the feedback form by filling in all the empty fields.

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