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Features of the ShKh15 alloy

Features of the ShKh15 alloy

The industry uses a wide variety of steel alloys to produce parts with the necessary technical and operational characteristics. You can pick up blanks at https://specmetall.su/ from a wide range. Each rental has its own purpose, and is used for subsequent processing on a classic or CNC machine.

Basic properties of steel

Ball-bearing steel has become quite widespread in industry. It is able to withstand high temperatures and continuous loads. Both malleable and resistant, the alloy is primarily used for cutting tool blades and a variety of bearings. The main properties include the following indicators:

  1. High hardness of the edge of a metal product.
  2. Wear resistance, metal is slowly worn away by friction.
  3. Corrosion processes penetrate the metal structure very slowly;
  4. Resists point loads that occur in bearings;
  5. Can be heat-hardened to change basic stats.

High-quality shkh15 circle has only one drawback, it is almost impossible to weld it using arc or welding in an argon environment. For this purpose, it is better to choose another metal alloy designed for such an action.

Composition at the chemical level

The alloy has a very unusual composition when compared with other sought-after and popular steel grades. But, thanks to each element, the general characteristics of raw materials make it possible to produce products in demand in the industry from it. The composition of the ShKh15 alloy included the following elements:

  • an increased amount of carbon up to 1% makes steel hard;
  • manganese concentration within 0.2-0.4%;
  • flint dust up to 0.37% further increases the strength of the alloy;
  • A large amount of chromium makes the material practically insensitive to corrosion.

The last element indicates that the material after processing on machine tools can be subjected to thermal hardening. Carbides, formed under the action of heat, additionally cement the surface of the product, making it more resistant to wear. The demanded shkh15 steel is annealed at a temperature of 800, and hardened at a heat value of 1150. In addition, the metal can be forged. Thanks to this, it is compacted at the molecular level.

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