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Laser equipment for metal cutting


Orders are accepted on a contractual basis with a guarantee of quality and compliance with the terms of work.

Laser equipment for metal cutting

In the metalworking industry, which uses sheet metal types in its activities, the classical technology of preliminary cutting of the sheet into blanks is used. Such production of metal products , taking into account the introduction of laser equipment, can be safely considered archaism. The latest machine tools use the widest modern solutions that allow not only cutting the sheet, but making finished products (parts):

  • According to the specified dimensional parameters, including those with radial curvatures.
  • Highly accurate.
  • With through or blind (to the required depth) holes or cavities.

At the same time, the desktop of a professional laser machine allows you to install and fix a standard sheet of rolled metal on it for processing. And the plasmatron (laser cutter) itself works on the command of the numerical control laid down by the operator, ensuring ideal accuracy even when carrying out the so-called figured cut (for example, with numerous radii around the perimeter of the part).

Benefits of laser cutting technology

The unique properties of a laser beam to create a point (we are talking about microns) increase in temperature at the place of its impact, have become truly revolutionary in the field of metal processing. With the help of a plasma torch, you can quickly and efficiently make an incision:

  • Sheet ferrous metal products.
  • Various grades of stainless steel.
  • Aluminum alloys.

The most important property of the laser is that as a result of such an effect, the structure of the metal in the place of the cut (along the seam line) is not disturbed. Temperature changes and deformation are observed quite often when using classical methods (mechanical torches, gas or electric welding), but in this technique they are completely absent. The seam after the laser has a perfectly smooth structure that does not require further processing.

To obtain more complete information on the possibility of manufacturing the final product (including according to the customer's drawings and materials) from a wide variety of types of sheet metal, you can use the official website of the company providing laser cutting services at a high professional level. Orders are accepted on a contractual basis with a guarantee of quality and compliance with the terms of work.

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