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Bonuses for newcomers to Champion Casino


Casino Champion, whose official site is compatible with almost any operating system of browsers, will generously thank its new customers for their time

Bonuses for newcomers to Champion Casino

Tough competition for customers among online clubs forced the casino Champion moderators to announce an unheard-of bonus program. It is available for every newly registered user of the site https://lottery-champion.com.ua/ regardless of:

  • Membership in other similar clubs.
  • Playing experience and skills of participation in tournament competitions.

All a beginner needs is to study the rules, agree and accept their standard terms, then fill out the registration application form. It is mandatory for all officially licensed clubs, including Champion casino.

The popularity of the club additionally provides the opportunity for players with Ukrainian IP addresses to use their computer devices of the national currency, which allows them to significantly save on conversion both when replenishing a deposit and when withdrawing winning funds from it.

But, the most important present awaits newcomers after registration. Champion Casino, whose official website is compatible with almost any operating system of browsers, will generously thank its new customers for their time spent going through the tedious bureaucratic procedure and waiting for confirmation of the verification of the data they provided.

Incentive bonuses

So, we must pay tribute to the courage and determination of the moderators of the Casino Champion club. They clearly decided not to waste their time on trifles and confidently bypassed their competitors in terms of the impressiveness of the incentive program. Everyone who has passed the registration, received confirmation, registered a personal account and made the first transaction to replenish the deposit, receives:

  • Up to 200% in excess of the deposited amount.
  • Up to 60 thousand gr. for 2 subsequent translations.

As it is customary to say "real money", which will go to the client's single account almost instantly, and you can use them as bets for gaming sessions immediately and without any restrictions. This amount is quite enough for a long game or participation in a serious tournament competition, so users who decide to use this offer need to allocate enough free time for gambling. Do not forget the golden rule: "Beginners are always lucky" - besides, it will be completely safe to lose the donated money for your personal budget.

Wagering rules - donated money cannot be immediately withdrawn from the client's deposit. They will have to be won back, and how this is done can be found in the rules of the Champion Casino club or contact the technical support service for clarification. The button for calling a specialist is located at the very bottom of the main page of the official website.

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