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Gaming novelties at Slotclub casino


Almost all new slots have a thematic component, which can be traced both in the design of the terminal itself and in the symbols used on the reels.

Gaming novelties at Slotclub casino

Virtual gaming halls http://azartnye-igry-online.com/ online club Slotclub has been replenished with completely new electronic devices of the drum principle of action (prototypes of mechanical "one-armed bandits") from well-known developers. Slot machines, despite the simplicity of the rules for their use for gambling sessions with the ability:

  • Set real money rates.
  • Receiving prize money for the winning combinations of symbols.

They have a number of improvements that make the game even more interesting and significantly increase the chances of winning a decent amount of money. These options will surely attract the attention of newcomers to the club and will impress experienced gamers. This is what they are in practice.

Animated theme screensavers

Almost all new slots have a thematic component, which can be traced both in the design of the terminal itself and in the symbols used on the reels. To help the player "plunge headlong" into the plot of the theme of his choice on new devices will help:

  • Themed splash screen before the launch of the slot - a drawn cartoon will allow you to distract yourself from problems, relieve tension and get ready for the game.
  • Cartoon character - will accompany the user during the game and comment on what is happening with his antics or funny grimaces.

All this is not just a marketing ploy by developers to increase the popularity of the slots they have created. Such a game format allows the player to look away from the hypnotizing rotation of the running reels in anticipation of their stop, to relax himself and give a respite to his eyes. You can find such devices on the page: "Slot Club Casino - online slot machines 777" - the official website of the international club.

Extra or bonus rounds

The player should know about them in advance and be ready to make a decision on the use or abandonment of this format of the game. So, having chosen and launched the electronic slot you like, during the gaming sessions:

  • For dropping certain combinations of characters.
  • For a dropped one or several characters at once.

The user is invited to play a bonus round. The bet on it is the already won cash prize, which can be sent to a deposit or used for a classic game (spinning the reels). The bonus round is a simple "guessing game", you need to guess, for example, depending on the slot:

  • Which of the presented chests contains treasures.
  • What curtain is hidden behind the radio operator.
  • Which liana needs to be pulled to treat a monkey with a banana.

Correctly guessed answer and the bet amount is doubled. Again, you can continue the game or take the money for yourself. Wrong answer - loss of the won money and transition to the main terminal with reels.

There are a lot of such slot machines in Slotclub casino and it is not difficult to choose a device with a fascinating theme. Without exception, all slots can be launched in a free demo mode to familiarize themselves with the rules and practice tactical techniques "in business", but without fear of losing money.

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