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Fire doors: features of choice, classification


Design features, types of fire doors. Choosing a door depending on the type of object.

Fire doors: features of choice, classification

Fireproof doors have a special design that prevents the spread of fire for a certain amount of time. The most important task of these doors is to hold the fire as long as possible until the arrival of firefighters, as well as to evacuate people.

All fire doors must be installed in accordance with the regulations and must be certified. Before purchasing, make sure that the door you choose meets all the requirements that apply to the building in which they will be installed. The characteristics for the door are written on the label. The most important indicator of any fire door is the fire resistance time, it varies from 15 to 360 minutes.

Classification of fire doors

Fire doors, as well as all means of protection, are divided into types depending on their place of application. Outwardly, such doors practically do not differ from ordinary steel doors, but during manufacture they are filled with a special non-combustible material - a basalt slab. Also, fire doors are equipped with locks and fittings that are also resistant to high temperatures.

  • single-leaf - with one sash;
  • bisexual - with two leaves, active and inactive (installed on secret latches);
  • without glazing - blank canvas;
  • glazed - in production they use laminated refractory glass, which is not inferior in durability and reliability of the entire structure. Such doors have a great advantage, as they can be used to assess the extent of the spread of fire and the degree of smoke.

Choosing a door depending on the type of building

According to the "Technical Regulations on Fire Safety Requirements", the choice of the type of door for a particular room depends primarily on the type and location of the building.

  • Living quarters. In residential buildings, emergency exits are located in vestibules, lift halls, lobbies and stairwells. Fire doors in such buildings must be installed with a fire resistance rating of more than EI30. If we are talking about a private house with a combined garage, then the door between it and the living space must have a fire resistance rating of at least EI60.
  • Public buildings. They are divided into several categories: schools, hospitals, cinemas, train stations, shopping centers, catering establishments, business centers, etc. The choice of a door for public places determines a number of factors: the main contingent of people, their age, physical condition and total number. Based on these factors, the choice of a specific fire resistance limit is determined purely individually.
  • Transport buildings and structures. All kinds of car parks, auto repair shops, metro, railway and road tunnels. The most suitable option for such premises is fire doors with a fire resistance limit of 60 minutes (EI60).

Choosing a fire door is a responsible decision, therefore, before buying, you should definitely agree on all the nuances with professionals. If you have any questions, please contact us, a team of experienced professionals will always help you make the right choice.

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