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Where is nitrogen used

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The article discusses the properties, features and applications of nitrogen. Requirements for the safe use of this gas are given.

Where is nitrogen used

Nitrogen is the most demanded chemical in the industry. It is supplied in cylinders, harmless to humans, inexpensive.

Depending on the profile of work, such a product can be used by both organizations and individuals. It is important to order a high-quality gas mixture, pumped into the cylinder that has passed the examination, to comply with the storage conditions and temperature conditions. Let's take a closer look at where nitrogen is used.

Properties and features of technical nitrogen

There is a large amount of gas in the Earth's atmosphere. Scientists note that the maximum concentration is up to 78%. This significantly reduces the cost of the substance - nitrogen is not scarce, it only needs to be properly extracted and processed.

The substance is not poisonous, it has no color, taste or smell. It is characterized by low solubility in water.

In order to make a batch of nitrogen, you need to use special installations. Inside such equipment, cooling takes place to an extremely low temperature. In production, this substance can be easily separated from other gases due to the difference in behavior when the temperature is increased.

Nitrogen is highly dependent on the environment. At -196 ° C, it starts to boil. Upon further cooling to -209.8 ° C, hardening occurs, the consistency becomes similar to snow.

Nitrogen has a high degree of inertness. It easily combines with other substances - this property is dangerous, because some of them can be potentially hazardous to human health.

The widespread use of this type of product is due to important chemical properties:

  • Oxidizing. When conditions are standard, the substance only reacts with mild alkaline lithium. At standard temperatures, the density is 1.2506 kg /m³. At the same time, the substance has no taste, odor and color, the degree of solubility is low. If the temperature rises and there are catalysts in the composition, boiling begins. Nitrogen becomes like water, its density is set at the border of 808 kg /m³. It is important to take into account that in this state, the substance can actively absorb oxygen - this potentially poses a danger to humans, because it can create an airless environment.
  • Recovery. When the temperature begins to exceed 3000 degrees and, provided there is oxygen, oxide begins to form. The solid state can be obtained at a temperature of -209.86 ° C.

Where is liquid nitrogen used

Customers of this type of substance are different categories of customers. Among the main industries are:

  • Chemistry and petrochemistry. The gas is suitable for any process where inertness is required. At the same time, contact with oxygen is excluded - a high level of technological safety is maintained. It is allowed to use it, and when the task is to maintain the safety of transportation of chemical products, it is necessary to make ammonia, purge containers of different volumes, gas pipelines. This agent shows itself well as a product for catalyst regeneration.
  • Oil and gas sector. Mining is rarely done without the use of nitrogen. It comes from deposits. Thanks to it, it is possible to maintain a stable level of in-situ pressure, the level of well productivity becomes higher. The gas is also suitable to form a cushion that provides protection against explosion and fire. When storing gas and oil in special tanks, such a tool helps to stabilize the pressure and maintain it at a given level.
  • Metallurgy. There are many metallurgical procedures for which such a substance is suitable. These include brazing using hard solder, carburizing, neutral hardening, cyanidation. The product shows itself well when the task is to perform annealing with parallel stress relief, to cool the extrusion die, to ensure uniform high-quality sintering with the addition of powdered metal.
  • Pharmaceuticals. Nitrogen is used at the production stage. It is one of the most suitable for protecting and stabilizing raw material tanks. In some cases, it can also be used for packaging - a safe environment is created inside, excluding processes harmful to drugs.
  • Electronics manufacturing. Without such a tool, it would be impossible to produce electrical circuits, semiconductors. Effective cleaning is also carried out, blowing to maintain a complete cleanliness of workmanship.

And this is only a part of the areas of application. Also, the customers of the supplies are various enterprises of the chemical industry, customers engaged in waste processing and other business areas.

Product Usage Requirements

There are many answers to the question of where nitrogen is used in cylinders. But it is equally important to maintain requirements for its transportation, storage and constant supply

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