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The Izmeron plant worked continuously during the pandemic


How the Izmeron plant in St. Petersburg went through a period of pandemic. Manufacturer of equipment for the oil and gas industry and tools for well servicing and workover.

The Izmeron plant worked continuously during the pandemic

The Izmeron plant has shown itself to be a stable enterprise, continuing to function continuously in a pandemic. Production did not stop, although a lot of rebuilding had to be done.

Izmeron is part of the Bronka Group holding, operating in St. Petersburg. It is a leading Russian manufacturer of downhole equipment for oil and gas production.

Bronka Group: a dynamically developing holding

The holding manages assets in various sectors of the economy, building and managing real estate, providing services, manufacturing equipment for the oil and gas industry, fashion and restaurant business (mono-brand boutiques and several restaurants in St. Petersburg). The portfolio of the management company includes such assets as the port of Bronka, a spinning and thread mill, etc.

The main activity is carried out in St. Petersburg, but the general geography of business interests is wider, including the Leningrad and Moscow regions. The central office is located in the Northern capital.

Izmeron: production of downhole equipment

Petersburg Izmeron plant develops and produces equipment for the oil and gas industry. In the context of the pandemic and restrictive measures, the plant worked smoothly, although many of the usual processes had to be promptly changed, including looking for new suppliers of materials (in order to avoid interruptions). The company has successfully passed a difficult period.

Equipment ready for harsh conditions

The plant manufactures a wide range of products, including complexes of underground equipment, packer systems, tools for well repair and maintenance, valves, milling cutters, etc. Extensive experience and qualified staff made it possible to establish work in the field of import substitution - at the production site they produce systems whose characteristics are not inferior to analogs from abroad.

The company has several divisions engaged in specific areas - modeling and design of parts, production, service (equipment support). Experts are working to create innovative solutions.

Izmeron cooperates with large companies engaged in oil and gas production. Complexes and systems are operated at the fields of Komi, Yamal and in many other regions. Customers receive quality equipment, including ready-to-use equipment in aggressive conditions.

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