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Large factories of Ukraine


Metal factories manufacture items such as steel pipes, which are essential for laying pipelines.

Large factories of Ukraine

In Soviet times, various factories successfully operated on the territory of the countries that are part of the USSR. They produced products from the spheres of ferrous metallurgy, engineering, chemical and others. Let's take a closer look and find out which Ukrainian factories exist, and what kind of products they produce.

List of Ukrainian factories

  • In 1933 Zaporizhstal was founded. Its sphere is the production of metallurgical products. After 45, the plant began to actively develop, organizing work in new directions. Today his specialization is the production of hot-rolled, cold-rolled sheets, profiles, strips, etc.
  • Date of foundation of the Southern Machine-Building Plant - 1944. In addition to the release of rockets and satellites, refrigerators, tractors, etc. were produced here. Today it manufactures products for a variety of industries, including agriculture, aviation, thermal power plants, etc.
  • Back in 1934, the Novokramatorsk Machine-Building Plant was opened. At that time he specialized in rolling mills, stamping hammers.
  • Nikolaev Alumina Refinery was founded in 1980. It is the largest non-ferrous metallurgy enterprise.

Metallurgical plants for the production of steel and pig iron

As a rule, the main task of a metallurgical plant is to provide enterprises with steel and cast iron products. Let's see in more detail what iron and steel producers offer their services.

Metal factories manufacture products such as steel pipes, which are necessary for laying pipelines. The list of such enterprises is quite extensive. It includes factories FEST, Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant, Izhstal, OZMM and others. For example, the Izhevsk plant produces special grades of steel, as well as stainless steel.

You can order forgings, sheets, rods, wire at the Elektrostal plant. Its product range includes more than 2000 steel grades. The supply of flat and rolled products is the main activity of the Pushkin Plant of Metal Products. You can purchase a batch of high-quality metal fluxes for industrial companies by contacting a metallurgical flux plant located in Lipetsk. It is also worth noting the work of the NLMK Kaluga plant, a modern electrometallurgical plant that produces a wide range of rolled steel.

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