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How to choose bearings: do it right

How to choose bearings: do it right

Such precision parts are used everywhere. They are indispensable in the construction of rockets, automobiles, industrial machines and other equipment. Thanks to them, movement at different speeds, including high ones, is possible. In addition, they can be used to cope with various loads.

Bearings are used to reduce friction between parts when the guides rotate. Thanks to this mechanical component, one node rotates relative to the other. Each bearing in its composition has several elements. These include tapered or cylindrical rollers, needles and balls. Any bearing store will offer you a choice of suitable options in the range of width , inner and outer diameter.

Purchase selection criteria

If you have purchased excellent bearings, you will see their main advantages in the following: they cope with high speeds, are quiet, and almost do not emit vibrations during operation. To buy just such parts, it is important to pay attention to the points below:

  • load type. Distinguish between axial and radial. In view of this, there are different bearings - for the first or second, as well as combined (for both loads). In the latter case, they acquire conical forms. Cylindrical rollers are worth buying in case of significant radial loads;

  • The speed at which the mechanism rotates. Devices with a separator spin faster than those without it;

  • operation period. Bearings are very durable, however, they are not recommended to be reused or rotated frequently at maximum speed;

  • tightness. Here, special attention should be paid to the operating conditions. It is important to protect the elements from corrosion, dust and moisture. This is where lubrication comes into play. However, the speed, conditions of use and fluid pressure still have an impact;

  • indicators of accuracy and strength. The latter increases if a large load is applied during installation. This will extend the period of use and will have a good effect on noise.

It is equally important what the bearings are made of. They are made of metal, ceramic or plastic. The best are those that can withstand compression. However, the price also depends on the material. The stronger it is, the more expensive, respectively, the detail.

Lubricant selection

As already mentioned, it is important to lubricate the bearings on time and constantly. Then they will work for the entire period of operation without breaking. Lubrication facilitates the movement of the mechanism, prevents premature failure. It is also necessary to use a special composition to reduce internal friction and noise, to ensure tightness.

Oil or fat composition can act as a lubricant. The latter is easier to maintain. If, for example, the bearing is installed on a machine that is lubricated with oil, then the lubricant must also be purchased with oil. However, it all depends on the speed of work, load and conditions of use.

Source: tbbs.ru

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