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Protection of heating pipes with mud filters

Ремонт и обрустройство

A properly selected mud filter does not load the heating system, but helps it operate at maximum efficiency

Protection of heating pipes with mud filters

An industrial heating system uses ordinary water as a heat carrier. As it moves through the pipeline, it can collect a wide variety of particles that contaminate the liquid. To cope with mechanical particles of medium and large size, use mud filter . A simple solution to improve the operation of your heating system.

Ease of Use

Water, as an oxidizing agent, has a negative effect on almost all metals. In the heating system, in addition to metal pipes, there can be many elements made of steel or alloys. Suspended particles floating in the circuit can negatively affect the following system elements:

- damage the impeller of the forced circulation pump;

- pockets of pollution accumulate in curved pipe sections;

- the abrasive damages everything it comes into contact with;

- impairs the transfer of heat from liquid to air.

Gradually, pipes, in which there is an accumulation of sediment, reduce the diameter for the passage of the coolant. They create an additional load on the pumping equipment.

What problems will the filter solve

The presence of filtering equipment in the heating circuit fluid circulation system helps to catch debris in a timely manner. The migratory mass can no longer accumulate in hard-to-reach places. It is enough to clean the filter from the accumulated sediment one or several times a season, and it is again ready for subsequent operation. The filter, correctly selected according to the technical parameters, does not load the heating system, helping it to work with maximum efficiency in the cold season.

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