Kitchen Design 2021

Ремонт и обрустройство

A fashionable solution is also a studio kitchen that will emphasize the individuality of the interior and embody the most daring ideas in the interior.

Kitchen Design 2021

Every housewife spends most of her free time in the kitchen. This is the very room that should not only facilitate food preparation, but also delight the eye with modern design. Therefore, when shaping the interior, it is very important to pay attention to functionality and design. For those who are looking for custom-made furniture in Kiev, the services of the company ILOFT are offered.

Today's cuisine: modern trends

For lovers of comfort and coziness, the coolest zoning techniques are used in the kitchen. Let's get acquainted with the most popular of them and find out what the cuisine of our time can be. What should you look for when choosing a kitchen?

  • Color scheme . Over the past years, white kitchens have enjoyed particular popularity. Designers preferred this color scheme for a number of reasons. On a white background, all the details are beautifully outlined, natural purity is emphasized. Also at the peak of popularity are gray and black colors and their shades.
  • Style. Natural materials have been in fashion for more than one season and continue to delight users. Therefore, Ecostyle has gained particular popularity. Wood, stone, marble and granite are all widely used in modern kitchens.
  • Materials. The operating period depends on what materials will be used in the formation of the interior. Many designers use concrete for columns and partitions, table supports and sinks. Glass is also not losing ground. Tempered glass or triplex is in fashion, from which partitions in the kitchen are made.
  • Execution. The transforming kitchen is a real hit of the season. With the help of various modules, you can assemble a kitchen to suit your preferences. You can experiment with both cabinets and shelves. Drawers, hidden tables and shelves - all this can be implemented in the kitchen, depending on the wishes of each hostess.

The kitchen-studio is also a fashionable solution, which will emphasize the individuality of the interior and embody the most daring ideas in the interior. And for those who like to relax at the bar, you can make your own small designer "bar island".

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