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Faucet sets: types and benefits of use


Regardless of the type of taps, a set is always cheaper than buying plumbing separately.

Faucet sets: types and benefits of use

It is not difficult to choose a faucet for a bathroom or sink. However, in some cases, for example, after replacing a washbasin or renovating a room, it may be difficult to select sanitary ware of the same style. That is why many manufacturers today offer faucet sets. They can consist of a different number of elements. The main advantage of using them is that they allow you to make the interior of the room complete and harmonious.

Main types of products

Set of faucets depending depending on the price category, design and other qualities, it may include taps of various types, including:

1. Single lever. They function on the basis of a cartridge mechanism located inside their case. They are the most popular today, because they provide the ability to conveniently and quickly adjust the optimal temperature of the water. However, the cartridge needs to be replaced periodically.

2. Two-valve. These are traditional models, which today, as a rule, are installed in bathrooms decorated in traditional interior styles. They are durable and reliable, but less convenient to use than models with cartridges.

3. Touch. Faucets of this type are most often used in the bathrooms of cafes, restaurants, hotels and other establishments. To start the water supply, just put your hand under the spout. Contribute to the economical consumption of tap fluid.

In addition, modern mixers can be equipped with such an additional device as a thermostat. These are quite expensive products, the main advantage of which is the ability to fine-tune the water temperature.

Also, products are divided into types depending on the design faucet spout, production materials and other characteristics. However, when choosing a set of such plumbing, it is important to decide on the method of its installation. The faucets included in the kit may have a different type of installation, including:

  • wall-mounted;
  • mortise (into the countertop);
  • hidden (all the main mechanisms except for the spout and controls are hidden inside the wall).

Also, modern faucet sets are often equipped with additional elements. The most common of these is the shower set. It may include a stationary or manual watering can, a holder for it, as well as a hose for connecting directly to the mixer.

Benefits of kits

As mentioned above, the most important advantage of using such a set is the uniform design of all its components. It makes the interior of any bathroom ecstatically attractive and complete. In addition, by opting for a set of plumbing products, you can save money. Regardless of the type of taps, a set is always cheaper than buying plumbing separately.

In general, the market offers a wide range of faucet sets, which makes it possible to choose the best option for any bathroom, including rooms decorated in classic styles.

Source: ukrinstal.com.ua

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