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Technical devices for pipelines


The shut-off and control valves include a group of numerous devices designed to strengthen large highways and pipelines transporting oil and oil products, hot and cold water, steam and gas, aggressive and chemically active media. The elements are used for the installation of heating and sewerage, the arrangement of pipelines in the private sector and city apartments, in industries and enterprises. Devices, without which it is impossible to imagine the operation of systems, often combine a dual function.

Types and types of devices

Based on functional features, the types and purposes of devices are different.

Isolating is used in the on and off positions to completely shut off or open the flow of the working medium in plumbing and heating interchanges. It includes:

  • plug or ball valves, which are attached to pipes of a certain diameter using flanges or couplings
  • circular butterfly valves
  • gate valves, valves and valves.

An important indicator of the equipment is its throughput - the amount of product that passes through the pipe section in a certain period of time.

Regulating is used to adjust the pressure indicator, volume, temperature of the medium, its concentration and set other necessary parameters. element, contributes to maintaining the correct distribution of the proportions of substances inside the branched structure.

The fittings can also be: /li>

  • control to maintain the level of environments
  • protect tnoy used in case of emergency shutdown.
  • Quality elements allow you to safely control the movement of products, guarantee reliable operation and strength of structures for modern communications. Their choice depends on the type, technical characteristics and operating conditions of the pipeline.

    Characteristics and properties of the elements

    Important components of pipeline systems are produced for the purpose of their safe operation, repair and maintenance work, turning off the whole structure, but only part of it. They have the following characteristics:

    • precision to avoid various problems
    • durability, which is guaranteed by high-quality materials of manufacture
    • resistance to low and high temperatures
    • resistance to aggressive media
    • tightness to avoid fluid leaks.

    With the use of high-quality fittings, it is possible to shut off, distribute, regulate and mix flows, change them flow and direction, as well as adjust their various parameters. Devices are connected not only to pipelines, but also to tanks, aggregates and other equipment.

    CJSC "AK Phobos" offers control, distribution, cryogenic, ball valves, gates, valves and other devices with many functionalities and ensuring the operation of systems without malfunctions and accidents.

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