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The choice of anti-vandal plumbing

The choice of anti-vandal plumbing

Equipment of bathrooms in public places should be given special attention. An excellent solution for these purposes is anti-vandal plumbing. It is made from reliable and durable materials and fully meets the established quality requirements.

Anti-vandal plumbing catalog

The Taurus Group company specializes in supplying high-quality solutions for equipping bathrooms. On the site in the catalog you will find the current models of anti-vandal plumbing:

  • Toilets.
  • Sinks.
  • Urinals.
  • Pallets.
  • Dispensers.
  • Foot sinks

There are quite a few advantages of the products. The company has been on the market for over 15 years. During its operation, it managed to win the trust of many customers. It has its own high-tech equipment for the production of quality products in accordance with quality standards. The main advantages of anti-vandal plumbing include strength to mechanical damage, long service life, stability, aesthetically attractive design.

Sinks for bathroom fittings

Vandal resistant washbasins are reliable solutions for installation in a public place in places with intense patency. The service life of such sinks is at least 15 years. However, they do not lose their operational properties. Stainless steel is used as the main material for their production. This material gives the products high performance characteristics. Thanks to this, stainless steel sinks can be installed in the bathrooms of public places such as stations, markets, shopping centers, etc.

There are sinks of different models - wall-mounted, floor-mounted, overhead, built-in and others. It all depends on the type of installation. You can pick up any models of sinks on the company's website.

Stainless steel toilet models

Stainless steel toilets are installed in public places. Their main advantage lies in the increased anti-vandal properties. This eliminates the possibility of accidental damage. They have an aesthetic appearance and can be used in difficult conditions. Models differ in design features, shape, size, design and other criteria. They can be additionally equipped with an anti-splash system, a soft-closing lid mechanism and other features.

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