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In what cases do you need an aerial platform

In what cases do you need an aerial platform

For numerous high-rise works, a conventional staircase is not enough. It does not provide the reliability and stability of the worker at height. Mobile aerial platform ordered on the site http://vyvozmusora69.ru/arenda-avtovyshki.php, will allow you to perform a whole range of work. Do not spend too much time on this, and do not expose yourself and others to the danger of falling from a great height.

What the aerial platform is capable of

Any mobile lifting mechanism has its own restrictions on the weight of the lifted load and the height of the platform. But, even in this case, the aerial platform is a demanded type of equipment used in dozens of spheres of human life. So, the most important and useful are the following areas:

  1. During the dismantling of various structures, the whole building.
  2. Installation of lighting and installation of high-voltage wires.
  3. To work with advertising products at a height, installation of banners, shop signs.
  4. For pruning trees, especially where it is impossible to cut down the root.
  5. Conducting classical construction and installation works at height.

The last item will allow builders to perform their duties much faster, since on the platform, in addition to the worker, you can place tools and consumables. No need to go down the stairs every time for the next screw or decorative tile. The aerial platform is completely safe for people and others.

Technical capabilities

Any lifting equipment has its own specifications and operational limitations. Knowing these subtleties in advance, you can choose the most suitable aerial platform with high accuracy. The standard characteristics that you can focus on initially include:

  • carrying capacity of at least 200 kilograms of payload;
  • height of telescopic hydraulic boom at least 17 meters;
  • platform has special safety railings;
  • high platform positioning accuracy at height;
  • mobile aerial platform on a truck platform.

The car can drive as close as possible to the object with which it is necessary to work. This is especially important in the case of delicate work, where the safety of a person depends on the accuracy of his movements. Here you can find the most accurate data about the aerial platform. As practice shows, renting reliable equipment is much more profitable than buying a ladder. And the safety comparison will always be in favor of a truck-based aerial platform.

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