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What to Consider When Renting a Crane

What to Consider When Renting a Crane

As a rule, special equipment is required for construction and installation work. But, before you order crane services, you should decide on the technical the possibilities of technology. The company for the rental of special equipment has a fairly large range of mobile crane installations. A competent choice will simultaneously save money and not re-order another crane, since the first one could not cope with the task.

The most important technical parameters

Any wheeled or caterpillar crane has its own operational capabilities. Depending on the scale of construction, you can choose the most suitable equipment. The main advantage of technology is its mobility. The crane can be delivered to almost any site, as close as possible to the place of installation or unloading. The main selection criteria should be highlighted:

  1. Maximum load capacity.
  2. Permissible reach of the boom in working position.
  3. Chassis dimensions in transport and working position.
  4. The passability of the crane installation on difficult roads.

Important: there is no point in renting a 50 tonne crane if the maximum load it will have to handle at the construction site does not exceed 5,000 kg. If you know in advance all the intricacies of the construction process, you can easily choose the best equipment for lifting weights.

When an aerial platform is required

This is another type of lifting equipment based on a truck, but designed for other purposes. As a rule, the aerial platform looks like a special basket with a fence at the end of the telescopic boom. The main areas of operation should be highlighted:

  • Construction and installation works on the outer wall of the building;
  • installation or dismantling of outdoor promotional items;
  • cutting or completely removing tall trees in the city;
  • installation of climatic equipment on the wall of a tall house;
  • maintenance of high-rise electrical communications.

Before you order aerial platform, you need to determine its technical parameters . What load can the platform withstand, how many people is it designed for. The maximum lifting height and overall dimensions of the truck in working order. An aerial platform is much safer than a ladder, stepladder or scaffolding. It will allow you to get as close as possible to the place of future work.

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