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New generation productive tractor "Belarus-2022.3"


The tractor will be useful for medium and large farms and livestock farms, as it has proven itself in difficult work with various types of soils, when storing fodder, harvesting and performing other tasks.

New generation productive tractor "Belarus-2022.3"

The tractor "Belarus", known to many farmers, appeared in the middle of the 20th century. The first models - MTZ-50 and MTZ-82, they are the most common ones - were modernized over time. The products of the Minsk Tractor Plant confidently occupy high positions in the ranking of the best tractors and are exported all over the world. Powerful, functional models with high technical characteristics appear in the manufacturer's lineup. They have four-wheel drive, can reach a high speed of 39 km /h, and are equipped with an all-weather, air-conditioned cab. One of these models is Belarus-2022.3, which is intended exclusively for agricultural purposes.

Distinctive features of special equipment

The tractor will be useful for medium and large farms and livestock farms, as it has proven itself in difficult work with various types of soils, when storing feed, harvesting and performing other tasks. "Belarus" has a mechanical transmission with synchronizers for 24 and 12 gears, which allows it to work in different modes of intensity. It is equipped with a six-cylinder diesel engine with a capacity of 212 hp. with., which meets modern environmental safety requirements

The tractor has a universal hydraulic linkage system based on an integral Bosch unit, a lifting capacity of 6500 kg, a front drive axle with a self-locking differential and three operating modes. Technologically, the model is a deep processing of MTZ-1523. To buy in Ukraine new tractors , models "Belarus", WUZHENG, YTO and others, you can visit the Minitractor-ukr.com.ua store. The service offers the best prices for high-quality agricultural machinery, detailed video reviews of which are presented on the store's YouTube channel.

Aggregation capabilities and scope

The equipment is intended for general agricultural work, tillage, sowing, etc. Any energy-intensive process in this area is not a problem for MTZ-2022 modifications. With a tractor you can:

  • sow cereals and other crops:
  • work the soil before sowing;
  • to harvest root crops, cereals, industrial crops;
  • carry any cargo.

The tractor is also an excellent tractor on roads with soft soil in spring and autumn. A wide range of attachments is provided for the equipment. These include seeders, harrows, fertilizer spreaders and even powerful plows with a complex body shape for plowing stony soil.

Design Features

The vehicles have an increased fuel reserve, the wheels are equipped with multi-disc brakes operating on oil. At the same time, fuel consumption is economical, and large volumes of work can be carried out without refueling. The fuel pump has an emergency stop mechanism for the power unit. The tractor is equipped with a height-adjustable trailer fork, front ballast weights. The gearbox has 6 ranges, switching inside each occurs by synchronizers. The Belarus-2022.3 muffler is located under the hood, the air cleaner is located in front of the radiator.

The operator's cab is comfortable, has an improved design, and its body meets safety standards. There is air filtration, heating system. All windows and a sunroof can be opened, electric windshield wipers are provided to keep the glasses clean. The dashboard is equipped with informative electronic elements. "Belarus-2022.3" is distinguished by good maintainability and simple, but modern and well thought-out design.

Source: minitraktor-ukr.com.ua

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