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What to look for when buying a grain hammer crusher?


Do you need a grain hammer mill? Read this article to find out how to find one.

What to look for when buying a grain hammer crusher?

Hammer crusher for grain is a specialized equipment designed for grinding various crops before feeding animals. These products are easy to digest and pleasant to eat, so they help reduce the cost of feeding and increase the profit of the owners of the enterprise.

How it works

The grain hammer mill works according to the following algorithm:

  • raw material is loaded into the receiving hopper;
  • gradually he moves into the working chamber;
  • inside the drum, hammers rotating at a high speed are acting on the product;
  • shredded items are unloaded from the installation.

The grain hammer crusher is compact and easy to use. With its help, you can quickly process a large volume of products. This technique can be used in businesses of any size and even in households. The purchase of equipment will help improve the quality of life of animals and their health.

Selection criteria

Now you can find hammer crushers for grain with any characteristics:

  • productivity from 2–5 to 10 t /h;
  • power from 18.5 to 45 kW;
  • number of hammers from 48 to 120 pieces.

Before purchasing such equipment, you need to find out how much feed the inhabitants of the farm eat daily. It is important to take into account that the cubs will soon grow up and begin to consume the same amount of food as the adults. If you plan to expand your farm, you should purchase a grain hammer mill that can handle the amount of production the farm needs after the increase in livestock.

Material shredding equipment can be used as an add-on unit, only started up during feed disruptions or main production line breakdowns. With spare shredding equipment, the farmer doesn't have to worry about running out of food on the farm.

In addition to the grain hammer crusher, you need to buy several spare parts for it at once. Most often hammers and drive belts fail. During operation, they gradually wear out and break down at some point. This should not be allowed, so it is important to constantly check the state of the equipment and replace worn parts in time.

Anyone can repair a grain hammer mill. It is not difficult to change spare parts, the equipment is designed in such a way that its operability is quickly restored without the use of special tools. The instructions describe in detail the algorithm for disassembling and assembling the equipment.

If necessary, you can automate the operation of the grain hammer mill using a conveyor belt that delivers the raw product to the loading chamber. This is beneficial for an enterprise producing a large amount of feed. The owners of large farms will benefit from reducing the labor intensity of the enterprise and reducing the number of employees.

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