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Mounting winches: design and principle of operation


What is a mounting winch and what is it used for. Equipment design. Installation methods and ensuring safe operation. Preventing malfunctions

Mounting winches: design and principle of operation

An assembly winch is a pulling mechanism that lifts, moves or holds loads during various works. A feature of the equipment is the ability to work as an additional element of large lifting systems.  Mounting winches  are often used in the construction of blast furnaces, installation of metal structures, loading and unloading building materials.

How does the assembly winch work?

Mounting winches are designated by the abbreviation LM. If the equipment is equipped with a worm drive, the LMP designation is used.  Winches with a pulling force from 250 kg to 15 tons are presented on this site  - you can see them detailed specifications.

The design of any assembly winch includes several mandatory elements. First of all, this is a welded frame on which the rest of the working units are attached:

  • rope drum;
  • reducer;
  • electric motor;
  • braking mechanism (drum brake equipped with an electro-hydraulic tappet)

The control panel is additionally installed. The winch can be equipped with two types of gearboxes: cylindrical (two- or three-stage) or worm gear (single-stage).

How to install the hardware correctly?

The weight of the assembly winch is quite large - it can reach 600 kg. If not very heavy loads are moving, the equipment acts as a counterweight and does not need additional fixation. In other cases, it is necessary to fix the device on a reliable foundation, which is built in advance.

The most popular way of fixing equipment is with anchor bolts. They are installed at the stage of pouring the foundation. The second option is the use of ballast devices. It will help prevent the winch from shifting when moving heavy loads. Sometimes the unit is installed on a pre-assembled and fixed frame.

Possible malfunctions

Regular inspection and maintenance of the assembly winch should be carried out to avoid serious damage and equipment failure. In case of any problems, it is recommended to stop work and immediately contact a specialist.

Poor braking is most often observed during equipment operation. A possible cause could be a dirty brake, increased clearance, or brake pad wear. If there is a lot of noise from the brake system, it is recommended to check the clutch for wear and add oil to the tappet.

The reason for the strong heating of the bearings can be a lack of lubrication or physical damage to parts. Winch vibration occurs when the fastening to the foundation is loosened.

If you need to replace components, it is recommended to purchase them from trusted suppliers that guarantee the quality of the parts.

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