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Siding installation: description and step by step instructions


All modern building materials for cladding the facades of the house are used both to protect the walls from precipitation, UV rays, and to make the dwelling stand out with an attractive look, original elements and colors. Compliance with the siding installation technology will help decorate the facade and protect it from negative external phenomena.

Preparatory work

First, protruding elements are dismantled: grilles, trim, door panels, etc. Then the cracks are sealed with concrete mortar or building foam.

It is required to clean the surfaces from dust and dirt. Taking into account the material of the walls, special preparation is required:

  • foam concrete surfaces are treated with a primer;
  • a wooden house must be coated with an antipyretic and antiseptic.

Installation battens

Wooden beams or steel profiles are used as battens. For concrete and brick surfaces, a galvanized profile is used. When finishing a wooden or frame house, you can use 6x4 cm slats. Before installing them, they are covered with an antiseptic. With the help of a level and a tape measure, a rectilinear marking of the surfaces is made until a closed perimeter is created.

Next, the distance from the marking to the base is measured in the corners, then another contour is made according to the minimum indicators. The next step is the installation of vertical strips, which must adhere securely to the surfaces. The guides are placed at intervals of 50 cm.

In areas with increased load, for example, near windows, you need to add the number of guides.

Moisture and heat insulation

Waterproofing is an obligatory stage of work, in contrast to the laying of insulation.

What is the moisture-proof membrane used for. If insulation is made, the crate is made in several layers.

Fastening guides

Installation begins with drainage. This is a rigid system, therefore it is easily fixed. Then the corner profiles are fastened with self-tapping screws. Further actions - fastening the starting bar to the drainage perpendicular to the markings. Along the contour of the window openings, J-profiles are fastened so that the location of the outer end from below is slightly lower than the inner one.

Installation of panels

After fastening the guides, the panels are fixed. The first row is fixed on the starting bar.

The installation of other elements is done in the same way, up to the window opening or roof. The panels do not need to be pulled or rigidly fastened; these elements must fidget a little in different directions. The cladding of the top row is done using a finishing strip.

The siding is connected along the length with an H-rail. During its use, the panels are attached to this bar, this allows you to avoid "running up" - that is, control that the location of the connections is in the same vertical.

Naturally, the H-rails are visible outside the house, which negatively affects facade aesthetics. This issue is not difficult to solve - either the H-rails are selected taking into account the colors of the siding, or the panels are installed "overlapping". As a rule, they try to direct the more visible part of the connections to the side from which the building is rarely viewed.

This will contribute to a better visual perception of the finish. It is also necessary to remember that using H-rails, the home owner loses in terms of savings due to the many trimmings. Naturally, all this happens only if the siding strip is shorter in length than the wall.

Siding cladding makes it possible to restore the old building quickly and efficiently with the possibility of installing thermal insulation. But the most effective result can be achieved if you use the services of a specialized company "Alprom32" for the installation of panels and follow the recommendations of professional builders.

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