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Features of thermal imaging surveys


the Heating season is in full swing, and the room is still cold? To determine where heat loss is effectively book a thermal imaging survey of the audited company.

Features of thermal imaging surveys

On the street in subzero temperature, heating to work at all, and the house is still cold? It means that somewhere there are invisible to the human eye heat leakage. You can, of course, to try to insulate Windows and walls, change doors and to hold many events, after which most likely the home will actually be warmer. But more effectively to order the thermal imaging survey in Minsk. It will allow you to know exactly where leak heat and to spend funds only those repairs that are really needed.

the Advantages

If the thermal imaging test uses a special device imager. It reflects the different temperature ranges in different colors, which makes it easy to see the screen of the device where the temperature values are very different from those that should be.

it is possible to identify not only existing problems in the systems or floors of the building, but also to anticipate where they may occur. The imager will show the weaknesses of the structure, to which you should pay special attention to avoid further need for costly repairs or even major reconstruction of the structure. In the end you will save not only on repair work, but also on heating costs. Because the heat will no longer immediately leave, and means, and energy to maintain optimum temperature in the rooms will need less.

Thermal imaging survey will be useful to you and if you decide to get a new property. It will immediately show you where the builders cut corners and how much work must be done to eliminate all bugs. Therefore, this method is also popular with the construction expertise of the building when it takes the customer.

Object validation

thermal imaging cameras can check all the key system structure and its structural elements:

    • air conditioning,
      • electrical network electrical installations
        • heating network,
        • vapor barrier,

          • waterproofing
            • leak,
              • integrity of walls, doors, Windows, joints, slabs and so on.

              All of this can be examined using imaging not only in residential buildings (in a private house and the apartment), but also in the objects of industrial, public and other purposes. Owners of household plots also resort to thermal imaging survey to check garages, baths and summer cottages.


              To the data of the thermal imager was correct, inspection of buildings is carried out when the difference of the temperature in the room and on the street in Minsk is not less than 15 degrees, while the structure before inspection must be heated for two days. You will also need to see the approach to all non-load-bearing building elements: walls, Windows and doors.

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