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Canape for buffet


The chefs know how to combine products so that the final result is palatable to gourmets.

Canape for buffet

Almost any holiday is not complete without a buffet table. Small, well-chosen snacks will be more than just decoration. Timely delivery of canapes to St. Petersburg will give you the freshest products . The most convenient, for their use do not need special cutlery.

The main advantages of canapes

There is no single recipe for this popular snack. A wide variety in the assortment will allow you to choose the canepe necessary for the taste, for almost any event. The main advantages of a small snack format can be identified:

  • a wide variety of treats on the table;
  • food does not require guests to sit at the table;
  • appetizer goes well with alcoholic drinks;
  • satisfies hunger and prevents overeating;
  • is suitable for all sorts of events.

Canapés are especially popular when organizing a buffet table and coffee breaks. Their shelf life is calculated in just a few hours. It is for this reason that canapes are prepared immediately before ordering.

The most popular snacks

Small-sized sandwiches can consist of several ingredients at once. The chefs are well aware of how to combine products so that the end result will appeal to gourmets. Canapés with seafood, pâtés and fresh herbs are especially popular. There are snacks oriented towards vegetarians, without meat and animal products.

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