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Objects of certification in Russia


Voluntary certification is carried out at the initiative of the applicant. For many manufacturers, reputation is important, and sometimes the presence of the relevant document is included in the terms of the contract.

Objects of certification in Russia

Even those who have never dealt with the import or production of goods have heard of certification. It is a set of actions aimed at confirming the compliance of goods or services with the requirements of state or international regulatory documents. After verification, the company receives a permit, which is a prerequisite for admission to the market.

Classification of Certification Objects

What can be certified? The list is quite wide. First of all, these are goods, production and products. This group is the most extensive, it is easiest to develop a system of requirements and standards for it. For example, products for children and adolescents must not contain substances hazardous to health, tools and mechanisms must be safe if the operating rules are followed, and so on. Things, products, chemicals are subject to control by the state, since either they are in close contact with a person, or can have a significant impact on his environment.

The second group - services and works, which are divided into tangible and intangible. Passenger and freight transport, construction, food preparation, landscaping are all tangible services. Intangible ones relate to education (obtaining a profession, refresher courses, learning languages), inner world (yoga, meditation), adaptation in the world (services of a psychologist, coach, HR).

Product Certification

Certification of goods is a vast area that concerns objects that are very different in scope, complexity and degree of danger. How is the conformity of goods to the standards carried out? First of all, information about the product itself is investigated: where the raw materials come from and how high-quality it is, whether the structure is strong enough (for example, for bicycles), whether the item is safe for users, whether it does not harm the environment during operation. Specific disposal or transportation conditions may be specified in the regulations. Only if all the conditions described in a specific technical regulation are met, specific products are allowed to be sold on the territory of Russia or the EAEU states.

Service Certification

For certification of services, the company invites an expert commission, which analyzes the services and checks their compliance with existing standards. In this case, the compliance of the company's activities with legislation, state and international norms is assessed, the correctness of the work performed in the process of providing services is checked. Regulatory documents will be different for construction, tourism, education and catering.

Based on the check, the commission makes a conclusion about the compliance or non-compliance of the services with the accepted standards and issues an official document. The certificate of conformity of services is the first step. Many companies seek to obtain a quality certificate. To do this, the commission must make sure that the company is constantly working “perfectly”. The certificate of quality can be a serious competitive advantage, since not everyone receives it.

Voluntary and Mandatory Certification

Is it necessary to confirm compliance with the regulations, or can you do without permits? Certification is divided into voluntary (at the request of the applicant) and mandatory (at the request of the law). There is a unified list of products subject to mandatory certification (approved by RF Government Decree No. 982 dated December 01, 2009) and a list of products subject to mandatory declaration. They list the objects of certification that may pose a threat to the environment or human well-being. The list includes such diverse objects as electricity, oil products, natural gas, cement, accessories for fishing and sport hunting, and so on. Many categories in the list are labeled "Excluded." This does not mean that the state has relinquished control over this product - it is just that its release is now regulated by other standards, including international ones.

Voluntary certification is carried out at the initiative of the applicant. For many manufacturers, reputation is important, and sometimes the availability of the relevant document is included in the terms of the contract. Services are certified on a voluntary basis.

To issue a declaration or a certificate of conformity, just contact the company SDA GROUP - this can be done online or by phone. Indicate what kind of goods you are going to import into the territory of the EAEU or name the products that you are going to produce, and experts will tell you in detail about the list of documents, the timing of tests and other important details. You can find the prices on the company's website.

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