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Features of obtaining RVP


During the preparation of a package of documents on their own, each person may encounter a number of difficulties

Features of obtaining RVP

If you need to obtain Russian citizenship, you must first obtain a temporary residence permit. This document is issued for a period of up to 3 years and allows you to legally reside on Russian territory. At the same time, a person can officially find a job without a patent or a special work permit. The document is stamped in the passport. On the site https://optimus-pravo.ru/uslugi/migration/poluchenie-rvp.html you can learn how to get this kind of document with and without a quota.

Issuing a RWP document: highlights

First of all, it should be clarified why it is necessary to obtain this type of document. After receiving the TRP, you will be able to register as an individual entrepreneur, take out an insurance medical policy in order to receive free medical care. One of the important points of registration of RVP is the opportunity to obtain a residence permit. To do this, you must live in any Russian region for one year. You will also be able to freely cross the border of the Russian Federation and not pay a patent during the registration for a job.

Where can I get a TRP?

When preparing a package of documents on their own, each person may encounter a number of difficulties. For example, documents can simply be left without consideration. This can happen due to an incorrectly completed application form or lack of documents. You can miss the deadline for submitting documents or get rejected due to a number of mistakes made. In this situation, the most optimal solution is to contact experienced lawyers specializing in issuing quotas for TRP.

Specialists of the law firm "Optimus" provide a wide range of legal services to individuals and legal entities. They will help fill out all the necessary documents, prepare them for submission. They will also accompany you at all stages until the issuance of permits. You can get detailed advice on the issuance of a TRP, the timing of the service and pricing policy on the website of the legal center "Optimus".

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