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Hydraulic and railway equipment


Thus, the company's specialists offer a wide range of equipment, both domestic and foreign, at an affordable price range.

Hydraulic and railway equipment

New Technologies is a leading supplier of equipment for the repair and maintenance of locomotives, rolling stock and other railway equipment. Direct cooperation with Hegenscheidt-MFD keeps the price range at an affordable level. Hegenscheidt-MFD hydraulic equipment is presented in a wide range and is available for prompt order.

Selection of Hegenscheidt-MFD hydraulic equipment

  • Machines designed for machining wheelsets. There are floor and underground machines. Underground models are more effective, since they are widely used in Depots or car repair shops. Thanks to the ability to carry out repair work on the entire rolling stock, such machines significantly save time.
  • Equipment for placing vehicles on rails. However, it can be used to deliver equipment to the emergency site for troubleshooting.
  • Presses for wheelset mounting. Such equipment is widely used in repair shops.
  • Diagnostic equipment that allows you to monitor the condition of the entire train and its main elements.

Thus, the company's specialists offer a wide range of equipment, both domestic and foreign, in an affordable price range.

What services does the company offer?

Railway equipment manufacturing this is one of the directions of the company with experience in this area. A high level of professionalism, a wide range of products for ordering make cooperation with the company beneficial for enterprises. All this allows solving problems of any complexity, closely related to the supply and commissioning of hydraulic and railway equipment. The emphasis is on meeting the needs of each client.

The range includes products that will become indispensable for the repair and maintenance of rolling stock, wagons and other railway transport. Here you can buy not only components and tools for railway transport. You can also pay attention to the tool for rescue operations, equipment for moving large objects, etc.

A detailed list of supplied products can be found on the website in the catalog.

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