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Michelin Alpin 6 winter tires in anvelope.md

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Michelin Alpin 6 winter tires in anvelope.md

Online store anvelope.md presents a fast and safe model of winter tires for passenger cars Michelin Alpin 6 .

The Michelin Alpin 6 winter tire is a novelty for the 2018/2019 winter season. The tire tread is clearly directional. Describing its advantages, the manufacturer emphasizes that Michelin Alpin 6 is practically equally safe both new and with significant wear.

The tire took the first place in the category “take-off and braking on snow” according to the results of independent tests by TUV SUD. The same reputable company has confirmed the extreme durability of these tires.

This model is marketed as the new benchmark for snow safety. An interesting technology is used in the tire: as the tire wears out, the tread pattern changes - the drainage channels expand and allow maintaining a high level of grip. The highest level of grip is also ensured by the new compound of the multilayer rubber compound.

Traditionally, Michelin tires feature soft sidewalls for enhanced driving comfort, and this model is no exception. At the same time, a large number of user complaints regarding its "vulnerability" - lateral cuts, hernias - were not recorded. That is, despite the softness and thinness, the sidewall is quite strong.

The tire is marked with the “total performance” designation, which indicates Michelin's commitment to making and positioning this tire as balanced, with high performance in all possible parameters inherent in winter tires for passenger cars.

The tire has an increased speed and load index (extra load), namely 690 kg per wheel and 190 km /h.

The tire tread is equipped with a wear indicator - its residual height.

It should be added that the tire is primarily intended for operation on snow and slush at more or less warm temperatures (M + S marking), and does not have particularly outstanding characteristics for operation on ice.

Tires are produced in more than twenty sizes from 15 to 17 diameters. Of course, the tire has been certified for use in the EU (E-mark).

Anvelope.md is the official and exclusive Michelin dealer in Moldova. In this specialized tire online store https://anvelope.md/ru/shiny/legkovye/michelin/alpin-6-747 you can buy Michelin Alpin 6 tires in different sizes.

Experienced anvelope.md consultants with extensive experience will select the optimal tires for each client for any car and for any budget. There is also an opportunity to buy tires on credit, with delivery and self-pickup in Chisinau and Moldova.

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