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Severstal Supported the Kruzenshtern: Around the World Exhibition at the Historical Museum

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PJSC Severstal supported the opening of the Kruzenshtern: Around the World exhibition at the State Historical Museum, dedicated to the legendary navigator, where about 300 items from museums in Russia and Europe are presented.

The international exhibition project is dedicated to Ivan Fedorovich Kruzenshtern - a navigator, military man, scientist, teacher, one of the founders of the Russian Geographic Society, a person who made the first Russian voyage around the world.

The exposition consists of memorial items and relics brought from the collection of museums, archives and libraries of Russia, Germany and Estonia. A significant part of the monuments are presented for the first time. In one of the sections of the exhibition, collected memorial items by I.F. Kruzenshtern. Among them, of particular interest is the collection of books from the personal collection of Kruzenshtern and the ship's library of the sloop "Nadezhda", as well as atlases-convolutes with the navigator's pencil marks.

The central part of the exhibition is occupied by the monuments of the first Russian round-the-world expedition. The exposition presents more than twenty items of the ethnographic meeting of participants in the circumnavigation of the peoples of Russian America. One of the key exhibits in the section is the Atlas of Maps and Drawings for Traveling Around the World in 1803-1806 on the 16-gun sloop Nadezhda by Captain I.F. Kruzenshtern "and" Atlas of the South Sea ". A separate place is occupied by exhibits associated with a visit to Japan: ambassadorial gifts to the Emperor of Japan - a bone vase and a saber in a scabbard, the book "A Guide to the Knowledge of the Japanese Language, Composed by Nikolai Rezanov" and the famous manuscript "Kankai Ibun" containing records of interrogations of Japanese sailors who ended up in the Russian Empire as a result of the shipwreck and returned to Japan.

For the first time, items from a unique collection of fish collected in Japan during a round-the-world expedition will be presented. Ivan Fedorovich was actively involved in educational and research activities. With his help, round-the-world expeditions were organized. As a result of one of them, Antarctica was discovered. As director of the Naval Cadet Corps, he introduced a number of significant reforms and significantly improved the quality of education in the educational institution.

The architectural solution of the exhibition reflects the multifaceted heritage of the admiral. As the artist of the exhibition Yulia Napolova notes: “The perimeter exposition is built as a dialogue between the human genius and the sea element, where Kruzenstern's personality is revealed, combining German solidity and Russian adventurism. In contrast to the dynamics of the perimeter, the core of the exposition, designed in the form of a wardroom, becomes a chamber space. Muted colors and delicate finishes shade the wealth of treasures collected from all over the world. ”

On the second tier of the exposition there are two interactive children's zones“ Sailors ”and navigation, as well as museum lessons about the life of the ship and the nutrition of participants in the circumnavigation.

The exhibition will run until February 14, 2022.

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