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Causes of malfunctions of starters on Chinese trucks and their diagnostics

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Causes of malfunctions of starters on Chinese trucks and their diagnostics

Trucks manufactured by Shaanxi are popular all over the world due to their reliability, simple and inexpensive maintenance, as well as their adaptability to the domestic climate. This technique is widely used in business, so the "Chinese" are increasingly pushing foreign cars out of the field of cargo transportation and other industries. But, like any other auto, Chinese trucks require regular and high-quality service. For maintenance and repairs, use only high-quality spare parts Shanxi , avoiding installations of cheap analogs. This will ensure a long service life of components and assemblies of the car.

Original parts are characterized by stability and reliability. For their production, high-quality materials are used, so they do not wear out so quickly even under high load. Once the originals have been installed, there is usually no need to “lapping”. Branded spare parts correspond to the parameters and characteristics established by the manufacturer.

Why is a starter needed and what functions does it perform?

In any car, the starter is one of the key components of the ignition system. This mechanism is used to spark the spark plugs and start the engine. A high load on the starter is found precisely at the moments of starting the engine. The power unit starts up quickly, but the starter also wears out seriously. Due to the closure of the contacts on the starter, the spark is supplied to the spark plugs, due to which the fuel-air mixture in the internal combustion engine cylinders is ignited.

Reasons for starter failure

Malfunctions in the starter mechanism can be divided into several types:

  1. Collector malfunctioning. The problem may lie in the closure of the contacts between the plates. Diagnostics of the unit is required - most likely, a complete replacement of the mechanism will be required.
  2. Wiring defects. The problem may lie in the wires, contact elements, etc. Often the owners of Chinese trucks are faced with the problem of burnout of the solenoid relay. If the contacts cannot be re-soldered, the node is replaced with a new one.
  3. Defective or worn brushes. The brush assembly can be attributed to consumables. This part changes when worn, but it is not always available on sale.
  4. Anchor or stator breakage. The cause of the malfunction may lie in the turn-to-turn closure of the contact elements.

It happens that the starter itself works, but the engine crankshaft does not rotate. In this case, the problem may be a slipping clutch. Such "symptoms" may indicate a malfunction or damage to the clutch release lever. If, when trying to start the engine, the crankshaft moisture rotates with a grinding noise, the reason may be wear or malfunction of the flywheel rim teeth.

If you decide to check the operation of the starter yourself, you need to diagnose the circuit from the battery:

  1. Make sure the contacts on the battery are securely fastened.
  2. Check the quality of the ground wire. Oxidation is not allowed, if any, cleaning is performed.
  3. Check the wire from the solenoid terminal. Ideally, the cable should be intact.
  4. Diagnose the continuity of the wire from the battery to the starter. Check the ignition switch: if its contact group is faulty, the engine will not be able to start.

Symptoms of a starter malfunction are similar to a malfunctioning battery. If the battery is dead, it will not work to start the internal combustion engine. Also, a malfunction may be caused by oxidation of the terminal clamps. In any case, before diagnosing the starter, you must make sure that the battery is working properly.

Source: site tgd.com.ua

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