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Metalloinvest and JSA Group start hunting for risks in industrial safety

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Metalloinvest and JSA Group (part of ICS Holding) have expanded the capabilities of the Company's corporate application. The new functionality will allow Metalloinvest employees to timely identify risks related to industrial safety and control their elimination.

The application is installed on a smartphone, with the help of which an employee of the enterprise takes pictures of a place or situation that is potentially life-threatening or the health of his colleagues. Having filled out a short form, he sends the information to a special internal platform, where the potential risk is recorded, a person responsible for its elimination is appointed, a preliminary list of necessary measures and a deadline for resolving the issue are determined. After completing the task, the employee receives a notification and a photo confirming the activities carried out.

New functionality for "hunting for risks" is already available in the corporate application from Ural Steel employees who have previously completed the necessary training. By the end of the year, it is planned to implement the solution at the rest of Metalloinvest's enterprises.

“The use of digital technologies to involve all employees in accident prevention is one of the main directions of implementing the strategy of changes in the field of labor protection and industrial safety, as well as achieving the main goal of the Company - zero severe injuries by 2025. The task is large-scale and requires a comprehensive approach and the use of the best modern practices, such as “hunting for risks,” emphasized Andrey Cherepov, Deputy General Director for Industrial Safety, Labor Protection and Environment of Metalloinvest.

“Digital technologies can not only improve the efficiency of business processes, but also make a significant contribution to the safety and health of employees in production. Work in this direction is one of the most important priorities for the Company's digital transformation, '' says Yulia Shutkina, Director of Digital Transformation at Metalloinvest. "In the near future, we plan to expand the application's capabilities by including tools for linear bypass - systematic visits to departments and equipment inspection."

Risk Hunting is one of the methods used as part of an integrated approach to health and safety management, which has been implemented at all Metalloinvest enterprises since 2020. Employees are taught to “scan” their surroundings, notice potential risks in a familiar environment, and find opportunities to eliminate them. This forms a culture of responsible behavior, conscientious leadership in safety issues, contributes to the transition from a reactive response to accidents to proactive work to prevent them.

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