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Metalloinvest adopts a risk-based approach to industrial safety

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Metalloinvest shared its experience in ensuring industrial safety during the All-Russian Labor Protection Week from September 6 to September 9 in Sochi.

Deputy General Director for Industrial Safety , labor and environmental protection of Metalloinvest, Andrey Cherepov stressed that the priority of the Company is the safety of employees. Moving to a risk management system to reduce injuries is the most effective approach to achieving these goals.

Risk management system is an integrated approach to health and safety management through measures for identification, risk assessment, prompt response, as well as monitoring and control. This system helps prevent incidents and contributes to the formation of responsible and safe behavior of employees, conscious leadership in safety matters, and enhancement of competence in the field of risk management.

“2021 is declared the Year of Industrial Safety at Metalloinvest. The Company has made a decision to transform the entire system for ensuring industrial safety and labor protection management. Our goal is to move towards zero severe injuries by 2025. - said Andrey Cherepov. - We have formed a strategy for changes and are planning to develop industrial safety and labor protection in three main areas: technological safety, improving safety culture, prevention of incidents using digital technologies and artificial intelligence. These programs will be based on the application of the risk-based approach, which is currently the most effective. "

Andrey Cherepov noted the importance of involving all Metalloinvest employees in the risk-oriented approach. The goal of the Company is to create a safe and efficient production, each employee of which is aware of the responsibility for his own life and the lives of his colleagues.

The All-Russian Labor Protection Week has been held since 2015 and is the main event in the field of industrial safety and labor protection in Russia and abroad. At the forum, Russian developments in the field of labor protection, industrial and environmental safety were demonstrated, events were held to exchange experience and discuss labor protection management systems at enterprises of all sectors of the economy, as well as to expand international cooperation. The event was attended by representatives of government, business, scientific and industry professional communities.

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