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A new gas spector was put into operation at the "Orenburg Radiator"

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A new gas spector was put into operation at the "Orenburg Radiator"

At the Orenburg Radiator (an enterprise of the UMMC machine-building complex), a new gas spector N-1850 was put into operation, designed for sintering the skeletons of radiators of various types. The cost of purchasing and installing the equipment amounted to 4.4 million rubles, and its payback period was 1.7 years.

At the plant, it is used for the manufacture of copper-brass radiator cores intended for agricultural machinery. During the sintering process, the solder applied to the cooling tubes of the radiator core in the form of a thin surface layer begins to melt and spread, filling the gaps between all elements of the radiator core package, which creates the structural integrity of the heat exchanger after sintering, ensuring a monolithic alloy of all parts.

The productivity of the new equipment is 55-90 pieces per hour at a temperature of 280-400 degrees Celsius.

- In 2020, the specialists of Orenburg Radiator prepared a technical assignment, according to which the specator was manufactured at JSC Shadrinsky auto-aggregate plant ". We can say that this is an exclusive equipment designed for the needs of our radiator production, - said the chief power engineer - head of the energy department of the energy-mechanical management of the enterprise Aleksey Kopylov.

- commissioning tests were carried out by the contractor - Etalon Region Service LLC. The unit was purchased to reduce energy costs. Compared to the old equipment, which consumed 850 thousand kWh of electricity per year, the gas counterpart, which consumes 35 thousand cubic meters. gas and 110 thousand kWh of electricity per year, 6.5 times more economical.

Installation of new equipment made it possible to improve the quality and appearance of products, and the labor of workers in the radiator production became more efficient.

- The gas spector is equipped with a carousel-type conveyor, which makes it possible to install sintering cassettes and pick up finished products in one and the same place. Previously, a plumber had to load parts from one side of the unit, and unload the cores after sintering, on the other hand, at the exit from the conveyor, “winding” a considerable number of meters per shift, ”said Alexander Gashnikov, deputy head of the radiator production.

The expected effect from the acquisition of new equipment for the radiator production of OOO Orenburg Radiator will amount to 2.6 million rubles. per year.

Note that in addition to LLC "Orenburg radiator", in the Orenburg region there are such enterprises of the Ural mining and metallurgical company as LLC "Mednogorsk copper-sulfuric plant" (Mednogorsk), which produces blister copper , sulfuric acid and zinc sulfate in solution, and PJSC "Gaysky GOK" (Gai), specializing in the extraction of copper pyrite ore by underground and open pit methods and its processing at its own processing plant.

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