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Universal snow plows "butterfly"

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Universal snow plows "butterfly"

How snowy the coming winter will be, even experts with a scientific degree do not undertake to make forecasts. But, the heads of public utilities know one thing for sure - there will be snow and it will have to be removed from roads, highways, as well as pedestrian sidewalks. Mechanizing this process allows:

  • Carry out cleaning as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • To reduce the staff of janitors, which means to reduce the cost of maintaining the device.

Unfortunately, clearing yards and narrow streets with classic graders is not always possible due to the limited free space for them to maneuver. In this case, the use of attachments such as a universal swivel blade allows you to solve this problem. Get acquainted with the technical characteristics and buy butterfly blade (this is the official name of the device) you can already now without waiting for heavy snowfalls. Their manufacturer, Rigel AV-Belgorod, offers its customers to purchase ready-made devices through its official website.

The main advantages of the butterfly oval

The butterfly plow design consists of two swivel sections that allow snow removal (dumping) in five directions by changing the direction angle of each of them in relation to the removed snow mass:

  • Left or right.
  • Classic forward.
  • Pick to center and extrude to the left or right.

In this case, the adjustment of the location of the "doors" of the blade is carried out by the operator directly from the cockpit of the technical device. The blade is installed and dismantled manually in 20-30 minutes. The procedure does not require the use of special technical equipment and highly qualified staff.

The blade is designed in such a way that it can be easily installed as attachments on various types of equipment. It has been proven effective in snow clearing applications:

  • Roadways.
  • Pedestrian sidewalks.
  • Railway and tram lines.

The permissible travel speed in working condition is 25 km /h, which is especially important for emergency elimination of the consequences caused by heavy snowfall.

In order to buy a snow plow , the customer must contact the company's manager by phone, the number of which is indicated on the main page of the official website "Rigel AV-Belgorod". Or send a request in electronic form using the resource option "Request a quote". The device is supplied to the customer on a contractual basis in a complete set for installation and use for its intended purpose (snow removal and clearing). The product is backed by a long-term quality guarantee provided that it is used correctly according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

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