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Universal miniature electronic lock

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Universal miniature electronic lock

Unfortunately, for the safety of property or documents, it is not enough to equip the common entrance door to the premises with reliable locks. In order for safety must also be fully locked:

  • Office interroom, including glass doors.
  • Doors and doors of cabinets or shelves.
  • Office or warehouse racks

And the best option for this is a universal and at the same time miniature (dimensions 27 x 31 mm) electronic lock. Its latch is opened by pressing a button, which can be set remotely at any distance (wired connection to the lock), for example:

  • On the desk of the employee responsible for the safety of property.
  • In a secret place that only those who have access know about.

And it is also possible to use a special card as a key. The locking device itself is connected to a household electrical network with a voltage of 220 V. It is reliable in use and has a domestic manufacturer's warranty (at least 400 thousand cycles).

Main technical characteristics

The design of the electronic lock, despite its compact size, is capable of withstanding deforming loads weighing up to 150 kg. The stainless steel ledger is not susceptible to corrosion. The permissible operating temperature of the device is from -30 to +50 C degrees. Electronic locks are widely used by large firms and enterprises, have proven their effectiveness, while not requiring serious material investments for them:

  • Purchase and Install.
  • Maintenance.

You can familiarize yourself with and choose the best option for an electronic miniature lock using the website of the "UT" trading house, which supplies them from the enterprises of manufacturers of security systems. All models presented on the pages of the online catalog are available in the company's warehouse and are sold online. Customers can order delivery to the specified address.

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