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Eaton Emergency Stop Buttons

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Eaton Emergency Stop Buttons

A whole list of various types of electromechanical equipment or devices, in accordance with the established safety standards for others, as well as labor protection at work, must be equipped with means of emergency stop of their work by disconnecting from the electrical network. Special protected emergency Eaton buttons are considered the best option to meet these requirements, thanks to:

  • High quality and reliability of a global manufacturer.
  • Simplicity and clear algorithm of intended use.

Externally, the M22-PV /KC11 /IY buttons have a plastic sealed case with a hole for the input-output of the power electrical cable, which is torn to cut off the voltage supply inside the case as a result of mechanical pressing on the button located outside. The button itself has a mushroom shape and allows the possibility of applying a light blow to it, for example, with a fist in the event of an emergency and the need to urgently de-energize the equipment.

Main technical parameters

The emergency button M22-PV /KC11 /IY is designed in such a way that after pressing (interruption of the electrical network) it is fixed in this (pressed) position. The return to its original state and the start-up of the equipment is carried out by pulling it to the "on" position. The device has the following specifications:

  • Rated voltage for operation - from 115 to 500 V.
  • Operating temperature for operation - from -25 to +70 C degrees.
  • Permissible current strength - no more than 6 A.
  • The connection of the break cables is screw-type, terminal screws are included.

The product fully complies with the established international safety standards IEC /EN 60947-5; UL 508; CSA-C22.2 No. 14-05; CSA-C22.2 No. 94-91; CE marking. Can be fixed in the wall position using technical holes in the housing.

For more information and ordering the Eaton M22-PV /KC11 /IY emergency button, refer to the online catalog of the supplier of this type of electrical product. All models of buttons presented on its pages correspond to the declared technical parameters and have a quality guarantee.

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