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Custom made tension springs

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Custom made tension springs

Devices that, due to their structural device, allow mechanical energy to return a part of an assembly or a unit to its original position after its operational use, are designated in engineering and reference literature as return springs. They are used in various types of equipment, including imported and, depending on:

  • Values ​​of applied loads.
  • Frequencies and numbers of return beats (movements) performed.
  • Stretching options.

Sooner or later, they require replacement after the resource has been set by the manufacturer, or after a breakdown. Due to the fact that this type of parts has a number of specific parameters (the number of turns, the compression force, the amount of tension), they belong to the category of rather scarce, especially for imported or discontinued equipment. You can solve the problem of finding the desired name with the help of "SP SPRING" (the address of the official website http://prygina .com /pryginu_rastagenia.html ) and in this way.

Providing parameters or sample for making analogs

The presence of advanced high-tech equipment and production experience allows the specialists of "SP PRUZHINA" to produce tensile springs to order according to the customer provided:

  • Technical parameters (drawings and accompanying note).
  • Samples removed from the technical device.

The cost of the order is formed taking into account a number of parameters, the grade of the steel or alloy used, the complexity of the configuration of the product itself, the batch size and the urgency of the order. In any case, the final price is agreed with the customer and fixed in the contract. The specialists of "SP PRUZHINA" guarantee the impeccable quality of the springs they make and adherence to the deadlines.

You can get a preliminary consultation and familiarize yourself with the terms of the order by calling the technical manager (the number is indicated on the main page of the official website), who will promptly answer all your questions on this topic. Or by sending an electronic message to the company's email address.

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