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Electric water heater "Nevsky"

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Electric water heater "Nevsky"

Problems with hot water supply arise in most cases due to deterioration of the main pipeline. The farther the boiler room is from the consumer, the greater the heat loss and the likelihood of an emergency. At the same time, you will still have to pay for hot water at “predatory” tariff rates. In order to solve this problem in a departmental building or an apartment building, it is enough buy a storage water heater" Nevsky ", the structural diagram of which is:

  • Isothermal container made of carbon steel, covered with thermal insulation material and a cover.
  • Electric heating elements installed in the water heating tank.
  • Thermostats that automatically turn on and off the heating of water to the temperature set by the operator.

They are connected to the water main and have outlets to provide consumers with hot water. Safety valves maintain the required water pressure in the tanks and ensure the tightness of the entire system.

Finding the right size and installation method

Customers themselves choose the required volume of tanks (maximum capacity is 10 thousand liters) and equipment capacity (up to 300 kW). Electric water heaters "Nevsky" can be manufactured in vertical and horizontal installation format.

You can get more complete information and order a water heater using the website of the company that manufactures them using its own high-tech equipment, as well as the experience gained over the years of successful work. All products are provided with a guarantee of compliance with the established parameters of electrical safety and quality.

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