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What is car rental with option to buy

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What is car rental with option to buy

Despite the fact that a car today for a modern person has long ceased to be a luxury item, not everyone can purchase a vehicle. There are several ways out of the situation:

  • Taxis are expensive and only suitable for occasional trips.
  • To take out a lease or a loan - unfortunately, not all users have this opportunity.

And finally, one more opportunity to become the owner of a car right now is a negotiated car rental with the option to purchase a rented vehicle without a major initial investment. This format is already actively practiced in the domestic market and has a number of advantages, which should be discussed in more detail.

Favorable lease and purchase conditions

Unlike leasing, when the car belongs to a financial institution, and all the costs associated with its maintenance "fall on the shoulders" of the borrower, car rental looks like a "turnover". Tenant (future owner):

  • He independently chooses a car from the list offered by the company, taking into account his needs and goals.
  • Executes a lease agreement for it and receives a car in a fully serviceable and operational technical condition.

The terms of the lease itself and its payment, as well as the cost of the selected vehicle and the amount of monthly payments for redemption, are negotiated individually on mutually beneficial terms for both parties. As a rule, they suit most clients. Judging by the statistics, 84% of all tenants of the CAR ID company draw up contracts with the right to buy out the rented car. In this case, until the full repayment of the agreed amount, the car:

  • Can be used at the discretion of the renter for both personal and commercial purposes.
  • Serviced (repair, maintenance, legal issues) by the owner and at his expense.

The client is provided with legal support and assistance in case of emergency situations on the road. In the event of material difficulties for the future owner, the agreement provides for the possibility of flexible settlement of issues related to payments (for example, deferred payments).

To obtain more complete information, familiarize yourself with the model range of cars and the conditions for concluding a lease with the right to purchase, please, use the official website of the CAR ID company. The resource provides the option of selecting a car according to the client's parameters. Anyone can use it and send an application without prior registration. And for consultation, it is enough to call the phone numbers indicated on the main page of the site.

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