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Pumping equipment from the Sigma company

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Pumping equipment from the Sigma company

A heating or hot water supply system cannot function smoothly and efficiently without high-quality circulation-type pumping equipment. Therefore, if you plan to install engineering communications in the field of the heating system, it is advisable to purchase a special circulation pump. You can buy a model for specific goals and objectives on the website https://sigma.ua/price /nasosy-tsirkulyatsionnye /. Here is a wide selection of options in an affordable price segment.

Circulation pumps catalog

Sigma Ukraine offers modern high quality solutions to all customers. Among the wide assortment, you can choose models with the required technical characteristics. So, when choosing circulation pumps, you can be guided by the following parameters:

  • Brand.
  • Power.
  • Maximum head.
  • Maximum performance.
  • Length.
  • Weight.
  • Body material.

Cast iron is used as the main material for the production of circulating pumps. You can purchase models in which a special anti-corrosion coating is applied to the cast iron. This is an excellent solution for long-term operation. Indeed, thanks to this coating, the surface remains of high quality without traces of rust throughout the entire operating period.

The power of the models can be any. You can stop the selection on pumps with a power of 45 W, or you can purchase models in which the power can reach 1300 W.

Features of the choice of circulation pumps

Before choosing a pump model, it is very important to pay attention to its type. Wet or dry rotor models are available, as well as a variable speed pump. The latter type of pump will help stabilize the room temperature. It is also important to focus on technical specifications. In the instructions for the model, you can examine these parameters. You can also read the description of the models on the website in the catalog.

Where to order high-quality circulation pumps?

Its services are offered by the official manufacturer of Sigma , which specializes in the supply of high quality pumping equipment of various types and models. In addition to pumps, you can order hand tools, plumbing fixtures, pressure washers, mixers and other goods. Some products come with special discounts. To do this, it is enough to study the category of promotional offers. The terms of delivery can be found on the company's website. Delivery is carried out on-line.

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