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Service station center "Gepard"

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Service station center "Gepard"

Practical car owners are well aware of exactly what benefits and advantages the procedure for installing LPG equipment (LPG equipment) on a personal car promises. This includes:

  • Saving your personal budget due to the lower cost of gas fuel.
  • Improving the technical parameters and increasing the power of the power unit.
  • Significant increase in the operational resource of the internal combustion engine.

The only important point to be aware of before deciding on such a conversion is installation of LPG equipment should be carried out by specialists of a certified auto center. Among them is the service station "Gepard". With the so-called "garage" or self-assembly, 2 problems automatically arise immediately:

  1. The risk of gas leakage increases with all the ensuing negative consequences (fire, explosion).
  2. Difficulties with the removal and registration of a vehicle when making a purchase /sale.

It is possible to relieve yourself of such situations and safely operate your car on gas fuel by contacting the Gepard service center, whose specialists:

  • We will select the most suitable version of the LPG kit, taking into account the model of the equipped machine.
  • They will carry out preliminary diagnostics of the engine running on gasoline to compare indicators.
  • They will install the equipment using certified components, configure and launch it.

Checking the operability of the installed HBO will be carried out using computer diagnostic equipment. The results will be verified against previous readings. The owner will be able to see clearly how the engine works with the use of LPG. And of course, all customers, without exception, are provided with a long-term quality guarantee both for the installed equipment itself and for the installation work performed.

Should I change the engine oil?

Before the start of the next autumn-winter season, practical drivers carry out the procedure for changing the oil in the engine of their car. They do this even if the mileage has not reached the desired values. This punctuality allows:

  • Significantly increase the service life of the power unit.
  • Timely notice engine problems (for example, the drained oil will contain metal shavings).
  • Make it easier to start the engine in winter cold (winter grade of oil has a lower viscosity and reduces the load on the battery).

Comprehensive service oil change in a car engine "Quickly and without hassle for the client is carried out in the service station" Gepard ". A professional minder will help you choose a grade based on the model and mileage of the car. If necessary, a preliminary flush will be carried out using proprietary certified formulations. You can sign up for service using the official website of the auto center. Access to the resource is free for everyone without any prior registration.

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