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Metal frames for road construction

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Metal frames for road construction

Driving along the motorways, you can see a variety of metal structures. They are located above the road and are an important part of road construction. These include road billboards and other attachments. They were named metal frames for road construction rmp . If you need to order such structures, you can contact the specialists of the Metcom 74 company. They manufacture such structures in accordance with the requirements and applicable standards.

How does the structure of metal frames of RMP look like

Frame supports are produced in different types of execution. It all depends on the load on the structure itself and the location. Therefore, both single and combined views can be ordered. The frame consists of connected uprights. The weight of such a structure can reach 5 tons. Spans in width can stretch for several tens of meters.

Since metal frames for road construction are placed outdoors, they are constantly exposed to negative environmental factors. Therefore, a special anti-corrosion coating is applied to the surface of the frame, which can protect against the appearance of a layer of rust. The company's specialists manufacture frames that are capable of withstanding significant loads. It is based on high quality materials that guarantee reliability and durability.

Thus, it is possible to order metal frames with high performance indicators, characterized by strength and long service life.

Ordering metal frames from Metcom 74

If you need to purchase high-quality frames for road construction, you can go to the Metcom 74 website. Specialists make such structures in full accordance with the requirements of customers. Own production allows keeping the price range at an affordable level. You can get acquainted with the terms of cooperation and pricing policy after filling out the feedback form on the website. Here you can get an on-line consultation.

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