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Professional cleaning after renovation

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Professional cleaning after renovation

Another, even a small repair in an apartment or office, can be compared to a real disaster. And cement dust is everywhere, these are not its worst consequences. Dried traces of paint and mortar can be found literally everywhere, and it is clearly not possible to bring the room back to its previous ideal order with simple wet cleaning alone. Fortunately, the cleaning company "Clean Fox" has a special service " cleaning after renovation " and here are the reasons why you should use it, rather than try to fix the situation yourself. They are quite weighty and you should definitely listen to them in order to save time and your own money.

Reasons for contacting a cleaning company

Everyone is familiar with the numerous promotional videos of cleaning or detergents, after using which the room will begin to "sparkle" with cleanliness and get rid of all existing microbes.

  • First of all, you shouldn't believe advertising, it's just a marketing ploy.
  • Secondly, the advertised products are much more expensive.
  • Thirdly, cleaning after renovation will require professional tools that are not available on the market.

So, for the same money that will be spent on the purchase of useless detergents in beautiful packaging, you can order the "cleaning after repair" service in the cleaning company "Clean Fox". At the same time, in addition, the client will save himself from rather hard physical work and is guaranteed to receive perfect cleanliness at the level of professional quality. Cleaning is carried out by experienced professionals at a convenient time for the client.

You can get more complete information and order the "cleaning of premises after renovation" service through the official website of the "Clean Fox" company. The work is carried out on a contractual basis, the cost of which is estimated by the technologist after the inspection of the object. Calling a specialist is free, for an initial consultation on the resource there is the option of contacting a manager who will answer all your questions and help you fill out an application in the online format.

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