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Block transformer substation 2BKTP from the manufacturer

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Block transformer substation 2BKTP from the manufacturer

Stable voltage in the power grid at a small enterprise or a small summer cottage is a guarantee of the correct operation of complex electronic and machine-tool equipment, including household appliances. Compact transformer substation 2BKTP (Block Complete Transformer Substation) designed for confident and uninterrupted:

  • Receiving electricity from high-voltage networks (from 6 to 10 kV).
  • Lowering the voltage to 0.4 kV and distributing it to consumers.

Designed for this very purpose. At the same time, unlike classic stationary substations, which were actively and monotonously built earlier, 2BKTP requires a minimum of area. Such substations are ready for operation immediately after installation and connection, meet all established standards, general, electrical and fire safety.

Block substation block diagram

Regardless of the technical parameters of the substations (at the Elprokom enterprise, five models are produced on an industrial scale), they are manufactured using a concrete case:

  • The base is a solid reinforced concrete plate, so the installation does not require the manufacture of a foundation, it is enough to clear and level the platform of the required dimensions.
  • The block itself is made in the format of a monolithic structure using high-quality durable concrete of the M300 brand.
  • The roof is multilayer and impregnated with waterproofing compounds, the possibility of covering with metal tiles is provided.

The structural diagram provides for the outdoor format of the substation service. A technician only needs to open a sash made of metal and coated with an anti-corrosion compound to gain access to the equipment.

Presented on the Elprocom website https://elprocom.ru/catalog /blochnye-podstancii-2bktp block complete transformer substations 2BKTP in various modifications, have passed the necessary tests and certification established by law. You can get acquainted in more detail with the technical parameters and models yourself, all the documentation necessary for this is freely available on the manufacturer's resource. For consultation, it is possible to contact the technical manager, who will answer all your questions in an online format.

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