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Swing gates from the Steellbro company

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Swing gates from the Steellbro company

Today there is a fairly large selection of gates that differ in design features. For example, you can mark swing gates , which are distinguished by high level of reliability and functionality. If the task is to buy such a gate, you can contact the specialists of the Steelbro company. They offer a wide range of solutions depending on the design.

Features of the choice of swing gates

In recent years, the demand for swing gates has increased several times. This is due not only to their unique design, but also to ease of use. If you install automatic swing gates, you can forget that you need to get out of the car to open them. They are practical and reliable in operation. At the same time, structural strength is one of the main features of swing gate models.

What is a swing gate design? The classic model of swing gates is presented in the form of one or two leaves, which are held on strong posts.

What types of swing gates can be ordered?

The key factor that determines the cost of the gate is the material of manufacture, as well as dimensions (width and height). Let's see in more detail what types of swing gates are offered for ordering and installation.

  • From corrugated board. This is one of the popular solutions for a private house. They can be with or without a wicket.
  • Forged models, in most cases made in individual designs. Such models are distinguished by a long service life and a stylish appearance.
  • Paneled premium class. The models are characterized by a high level of reliability and a lifetime warranty.

If necessary, you can order industrial doors, which have a simpler design. They are installed in a variety of industrial facilities to fence off the territory.

Advantages of sliding gates

It is worth noting the important advantages that swing gates emphasize. Among them are rather low cost, high strength, aesthetic properties, design versatility, simplicity and ease of installation. They also have wear resistance and can be resistant not only to mechanical damage, but also to temperature extremes.

To order swing gates in Kiev, you can contact Steelbro specialists. They will measure and manufacture structures in full compliance with the requirements free of charge. After which it will be installed at the facility. The approximate service life of such gates is about 100 years. Therefore, a long operating period is one of the main advantages of the models.

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